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This post was sponsored by Kinder Joy, but the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

This is the first year my son and I will be spending Easter away from home.  It’s a bitter sweet feeling, because on one hand I will be back in Oaxaca with my parents celebrating ‘Pascua’ the way we did when I was a little girl.  But on the other hand, I’m going to miss spending that weekend with my siblings here in LA.  Every year, we all get together either at my sister’s or at my house, eat, and have the kids run around the backyard Easter egg hunting.  It’s the best time.  I will have to admit that it’s going to be so great being a guest at my parents’ house, though. My mom is the best DIY crafter in the world and I know she is going to do the most.  She is also the best cook, and it’s going to be so great being taken care of for a change.

But I don’t want my travels to take away from my son’s Easter experience.  The feeling children get when they find a hidden egg is priceless.  This is also why I love Kinder Joy so much. They are really the perfect Easter treat and toy.  Aside from their egg shape, Kinder Joy is a treat like no other, with two separately sealed halves – a treat side made of two creamy layers and a second half containing an exciting mystery toy.  Also, how great are the paint brush toys in Easter-themed Kinder Joy eggs?  Your little artists are going to LOVE THEM!  Because I am going to be away for Easter weekend, this year I am making an emphasis on Easter baskets.  Before we head out to Oaxaca, I want to make sure my son and I spend some time putting a couple of baskets together for the family. It’s fun to even hide some eggs around the house pre-Easter while we’re putting the baskets together.

This year, gather a few of your girlfriends and their kids and host your own DIY Easter basket get together.  It’s a great way to connect with your girls while all of your kids hunt through the house for eggs. Have everyone bring different items, and make it an event.  Giving away an Easter basket to your kids can bring so much joy into your life.  Trust me. Oh, and don’t forget to include a few Kinder Joy eggs in there!  Also, it’s a great way to include the kiddos in the tradition. If you do decide to host your own DIY Easter basket get together, let me know!  Snap a picture and tag me, I’d love to see your creation with Kinder Joy!

Posted on March 29, 2018 .