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Last week I posted a video on my Instagram discussing the difference between cleaning and organizing (tidying up).  I’m sure many of you have heard of the book “the art of tidying up” by Marie Kondo. If you haven’t yet, please do yourself a favor and buy it today!  It will change your relationship with your drawers and home. After reading her book, I was so inspiring to not only organize my house, but also interview a professional organizer on my Super Mamas podcast.  I learned so much from her, but I will admit that the advice that stood out to me the most was her view on cleaning vs. organizing. She said that when you have an organized home not only will you be cleaning less and less, but your home will also feel lighter and safer.  Before reading Marie Kondo and interviewing Tanya Whitford, my idea of organizing my house was very different. I was only rearranging clutter. There was no purpose behind my cleaning. I also didn’t realize how unsafe my house was for my then 1 year old boy. I had old medicine in my medicine cabinet, I hadn’t installed safety latches around the house, and my laundry pods and cleaning supplies were within reach.  


Decluttering not only helped me get rid of things that no longer served me, but it also made space for organizing the things that really matter.  I will say that my organizing became my therapy in some way. It allowed me to channel my inner control freak in a healthy way, all while making my home beautiful and safe for my family.  I even went ahead and got wall decals for my laundry room. I think it gave so much life to the space. 

If you have a kiddo at home like myself, here are a few items that you can keep in mind to help them keep safe and at the same time jumpstart your decluttering. 

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Keep liquid laundry packs closed and out of reach

  1. Keep medicine out of reach and out of sight.  Also, make sure to check expiration dates on these! 

  2. Wash all Teddy bears 

  3. Sanitize all door knobs and light switches 

  4. Donate clothes, shoes, and any articles that don’t fit your kiddos anymore. 

This Tide Bingo board is a great way to help you get started.  I shared it on my IG stories and so many of you asked that I repost it. So I decided to keep it here in my blog for reference.  It’s a great first step into getting in the groove of having a not only clean home but an organized home. And believe me, when your home is in order, your life will be too :) 

Posted on August 1, 2019 .