Last fall, I spent a few days in the Sierra of Oaxaca.  Elisandro, owner of Tosba distillery had invited me to visit his distillery way back when I first met him in San Francisco last year.  I was immediately  intrigued, since I had never visited that part of Oaxaca before. After a five hour ride (including 2 hours off-roading) my brother and I arrived to jungle paradise.  This place was absolutely breathtaking.  Elissandros cousin, Edgar and his father welcomed us with a pitcher of mezcal and a machete in hand.  After a few hours of venturing out into the Oaxaca jungle, we came back to more mezcal and to a fantastic meal Edgars wife and mom had prepared for us.

It was an incredible time.  I've been back about four times ever since, and look forward to more visits.  I hope all of you enjoy this small video my brother Fernando and I produced.  I seriously can't stop watching it, it brings me back to that day we spent at La Chiroag. 

Posted on December 27, 2013 .